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Rain Oksvort

Programmer and hobby photographer
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About me

By rain on 2014 Aug 25 19:30:51

Hi, I am Rain and my hobbies are programming and photography. This is my website which I have made from scratch to learn and see how good site I can program.
The aim of this site is to share my photos and photo tips and to share code snippets and examples and programs which I have made for my personal use.

I became interested in photography around 2009. Since then I have taken a lot of photos and learned how to get nicer photos. In this site I will share some of my photos and give photo tips which I have found useful.
See gallery at http://autoit.net.ee/pub/?f=7

I've been interested in computers practically all my life. I started to program more actively in 7th class. I am currently learning computer science at university of Tartu. Over the time I have made several tools and programs for my self and for friends and I have written several code snippets and example which I plan to share with you on this site.

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